Sore Feet: Problem Solved?

I think I’ve been complaining about my sore feet probably as long as I’ve been writing this blog. At first, I attributed it to the additional running. When you go from barely run 10 miles a week to running 20, you’re going to feeling some growing pains, no? But 10 months later when I ran my first half marathon, I was still experiencing it. Not just that, it had gotten a lot worse. :( It had gotten so persistent, in fact, that I could tell you during my long runs when exactly it was going to start bothering me. If you’re curious, it was mile 8.

Over the past year, I tried changing my shoes and changing my socks, but nothing seemed to really work. And after my half marathon in April, I decided that enough was enough. I was going to get to bottom of this once and for all.

I won’t go into the full story again, but you might remember from this post that my first real break in the case was the discovery that somewhere along the lines my arch has fallen. This meant that I was no longer running in the right type of shoe. Like I said, I’ve tried multiple shoes over the last several months and I was really tired of throwing money at my local running store hoping that the next new pair of socks or shoes might be the answer. So I decided it was time to visit my doctor.

I figured she would probably pass me on to a podiatrist, but she surprised me and instead recommended that I try the Dr. Scholl’s Footmapping machine first. They are relatively easy to find and use. I visited my trusty local CVS, followed the instructions on the machine and was fitted for an insole within minutes.

Dr Scholls Custom Fit CenterBecause I’m so lucky, the insole that I was recommended was sold out at the store so I had to order it online and wait two weeks for it to arrive. *eye rolling* In the meantime, I bought an inexpensive insert at CVS to tide me over.

ProArch_large_tcm67-48663From my very first long run in my cheap insole, I felt immediate relief. I’ve run 10 miles several times now and my feet have not bothered me in the least. In fact, I feel so much better post-run that it’s not only improved the feel of my feet but also my post-run legs. My legs used to feel so tight after a long run. I would go home, shower, immediately put on my compression socks and wear them for the rest of the day. But since I started using the insoles, I haven’t felt the need to break out my compression socks once. I had no idea how much my foot pain was affecting the rest of my body as well.

As for the insoles, it’s been a few weeks now. I’ve run in both the PRO and in the Custom Fit Orthodics. They both seemed to solve the problem for me, but there is a VAST price difference between the two. The PRO set me back $10 and the Custom Fit was $50. Hey, I’m not made out of money here. Clearly, I’m going with the PRO when it’s time to re-order. For once I wasn’t being a sarcastic a$$hole when I said that those insoles being sold out was a lucky break for me. I would have never known there was a more cost effective option out there had that custom orthodic been sitting there waiting for me to pick it up.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that my flat feet aren’t going to force me out of longer distances. Hopefully my next half marathon will be less about crossing the finish line so I can sit down somewhere to massage my sore tootsies and more about the glory of running! Fingers (and toes) crossed that this problem has finally been solved once and for all.

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PRO Compression Sock of the Month, Coupon Code

I’ve been MIA again. Sorry. I’ve been super busy with work. I’ve got one more big conference on the books for next week and between that, running and sleeping, I’ve got zero time (or patience) for anything else.

But still, I feel bad for being away so long. Hopefully I can make it up to you with a discount on some sweet compression socks.

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Fighting for Nine

Sunday was my long run day this week. I knew heading into it that it likely wasn’t going to be my best run for a couple of reasons. Chief among them is that I did not have a pre-long run rest day like I usually try to squeeze in. Because of my schedule last week, I had to squeeze most of my miles into the last few days of the week and reallocate my rest day earlier in the week. The other reason is that I’m pushing myself to drop some body fat again (I go through these phases now and again). This means I watch my food intake closely and try to get the precise amount of food I need in a day without going over. This means that I didn’t fuel as heavily as I might usually the day before my long run and my energy reserves weren’t quite as high.

I did the 9 miles and they weren’t awful. They simply weren’t as satisfying as they have been in the past. That awesome feeling where you coast in at the end and felt like you taught each and every one of those miles who was boss. I felt a little bit more like I limped to the finish line this time around. Rest assured, I won’t be making that mistake again. I’m going to have to work on adjusting my strategy so I can achieve both goals without sacrificing performance. I don’t just want to run. I’m not in this for weight loss (thought that is a nice perk). I’m in this to be a strong runner and I won’t take anything less.

In other weekend news, me and the hubs bought some new furniture! After my long run yesterday, I squeezed myself into my compressions socks and we decided to hit up our favorite furniture store in search of some new kitchen chairs and maybe a new table.

Our current table is serviceable but after a couple of years with a toddler, it’s seen better days. We bought it at Ikea when my husband and I first moved in together almost a decade ago and though the table is still going strong, the chairs…not so much. Two of the four have broken in the last several months and the other two are fading fast.

We got lucky and found a great deal on a gorgeous, new dining set which gets delivered tomorrow!!!! We also got a new coffee table. Our old one didn’t survive the baby proofing years. NOTE TO NEW PARENTS — Don’t believe the advertising, those bumper things that you can affix to furniture so your kid doesn’t bean themselves every time they fall, do NOT come off clean!!! That being said though, they are absolutely necessary. It would be hard to count the number of doctor visits they probably saved us. Frankly, our old coffee table was a piece of crap anyway. We didn’t spend a whole lot of money on it because we knew our impending arrival would probably annihilate it (which she has). But she’s older now and hopefully she’ll treat our new furniture with respect. Or we can threaten her with discipline enough to treat our new furniture with respect.

Can’t wait for it to be delivered!!! Hopefully I love it as much once it’s in our house as I did on the showroom floor.

What were you up to this weekend?